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At GlobalMedia, we bet on customer business requirements and market trends first. Providing specific approach which ensures customer internal and external development, resulting in advanced market visibility.

Global presence of our independent professionals ensures the adaptability of advised strategy together with new growth concepts. Our advisory board acts on business risk sensing basis, securing the customer strategic competition position and challenging the remaining ones. By investing into experience of our workforce we transform "demand" into sustainable results. Competent talent team consist of top level executives operating and advising in small-scale, large-scale and governmental level institutions.

The ability to innovate and grow is often impossible without the best practices information. Improving the existing customer infrastructure by applying hints and knowledge gained in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Any growing and existing market expects your brand to be resilient towards tough competition and continuous changes.


Make sure your action planning is effective and leads to exceptional results, which are well predicted in the early beginning stage.


How well does your current action scheme handles the demands of the operational industry - we ensure it to be like it should be.


Modern world requires modern business approaches with radically new solutions which sometimes change the rules of the game.


To stay on the top, making sure your expertise and vision are effective, you are supposed to refresh your business at well defined time periods.


Have you ever thought about opportunity to performe better by using the same resources and applying the same effort.



Organizations internal structure efficiency analysis

Analysis of the currently operational structure, responsibilities and functions. Staff efficiency review. Development of appropriate KPI system for employees of any level.

Development of Organizations strategy and activities plan

Current strategy evaluation, market position, business climate, market and main competitors analysis. Interviews with top-management and key employees.

Organizations image, its mission analysis and reengineering

Analysis of the market reviews, position, interviews with bank employees. Design of new image (rebranding) and mission.

Retail products structure improvements strategy

Products portfolio review, existing structure and customer usage. Findings of best margin products, selling opportunities.

Bank branch network efficiency analysis, improvements strategy

Generating the efficiency reports, profit/loss, selling products, headcount optimization.

Branch of the Future concept development

Evaluation of the current automation level, customer experience, products and network efficiency. Concept creation and sketching. Products and services proposals.

Payment card business platform development

Products, market analysis, automation, IT systems, opportunities analysis. Documents for VISA/MasterCard preparation; supply chain development.

Digital channels usage strategy

Current automation analysis, IT systems opportunities, products. Strategy development of digital channels: IT systems, products, automation.

Bank headcount optimisation strategy

Outsourcing of responsibility for optimising bank headcount. Proposal of key employees motivation and reducing number of other employees. Specifying marketing channels.

Business processes efficiency analysis and restructuring

Step-by-step processes analysis, interviews and application of best practices.


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